Hogmanay is a purely Scottish tradition, also celebrated in some parts of the north of England. It is celebrated on New Year's Eve. It is not a British tradition at all, being purely Scottish. There are massive street parties (100,000+) people in Edinburgh, and local celebrations elsewhere. There is also a great deal of fantastic television specials, from Scottish comedy shows like Chewin' The Fat and Only an Excuse. Large amounts of whisky (it can only be called whisky if it's from Scotland) are consumed, large amounts of food is consumed, lots of pipe bands play, sometimes people even commit karaoke.

Hogmanay is the best party of the year
Scottish guy: I'm goin' hame fur Hogmanay!
English guy: what's Hogmanay?
Scottish guy: *Hiccup* What did you say about ma maw?

If you aren't celebrating Hogmanay, your life isn't worth living! Just die now.

PS Calling someone Scotch is offensive, its Scottish, biatch.
by ConversionNinja January 1, 2006
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When Scots and Northern Englanders get drunk on New Years Eve.
How many beers can ye drink on Hogmanay, eh?
by Alex December 30, 2004
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Scottish celebration on New Year's Eve. Rather like Christmas, but without Jesus to screw up the proceedings.
"What's happenin on Hogmanay?"
"Fireworks, drinkin, binge-feeding, the usual"
by James Love December 30, 2005
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The time of the year when Britain celebrates the new year coming.
It involves lots of alcohol and kissing people you don't know.
Britain has it's own name for it.
It's basically New Years.
December 31st.
"I'm getting smashed for hogmanay? what about you?"
"I think i'm just going to stay at home this year.."
by amy jay July 12, 2005
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gonna, going to be
he (harry styles) is hogmanay be further away from people i think.
by yktv072310 September 5, 2021
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