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Fucking awesome has a wide variety of uses. It can be used positively, but recent ground-breaking linguistic research at Johnstone High School has revealed it can be used as a positive or negative reply to almost anything. The sheer awesomeness of the phrase (it has an awe factor of 10099892) allows it to discard the traditional roles of positive and negative.

however, the actual meaning of fucking awesome is unclear.
"You just got raped by a sailor called Enrique!"

correct reply "Fucking awesome"
incorrect reply "My anus hurts"

"The ice-cream/cocaine van is here"

correct reply "Fucking awesome"
incorrect reply "I don't like ice-cream."

"What is your opinion on gay marriage, the US occupation of Iraq and Martha Stewart?"

correct reply "They're all fucking awesome"
incorrect reply "I oppose gay marriage, love the Iraq war and would like to baste Mrs. Stewart's goose."

by ConversionNinja July 27, 2006
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Hogmanay is a purely Scottish tradition, also celebrated in some parts of the north of England. It is celebrated on New Year's Eve. It is not a British tradition at all, being purely Scottish. There are massive street parties (100,000+) people in Edinburgh, and local celebrations elsewhere. There is also a great deal of fantastic television specials, from Scottish comedy shows like Chewin' The Fat and Only an Excuse. Large amounts of whisky (it can only be called whisky if it's from Scotland) are consumed, large amounts of food is consumed, lots of pipe bands play, sometimes people even commit karaoke.

Hogmanay is the best party of the year
Scottish guy: I'm goin' hame fur Hogmanay!
English guy: what's Hogmanay?
Scottish guy: *Hiccup* What did you say about ma maw?

If you aren't celebrating Hogmanay, your life isn't worth living! Just die now.

PS Calling someone Scotch is offensive, its Scottish, biatch.
by ConversionNinja January 1, 2006
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Earth science is a scientific discipline that spans a wide variety of sub-disciplines, which amount to the study of the construction, formation and processes of the Earth (along with other terrestrial bodies). Draws from the subjects of geochemistry, petrology, geomorphology, geophysics, palaeontology, crystallography, geography, seismology, geotechnical engineering and a wide variety of other fields. Other terms used to describe it include geoscience and geology, although the latter is viewed as slightly old-fashioned by many modern earth scientists. Vitally important to modern society, as earth scientists locate and evaluate important minerals, e.g. gold, copper, aluminium, and also play a massive part in the search for oil and its exploitation. They also play an important part in ensuring the safety of mankind, e.g. volcanologists, geotechnical engineers. There is also massive amounts of research going on in earth science.
The oil and metals used to make my computer would have been located by earth scientists; the stability of the land beneath my house is likely to have been evaluated by someone with geotechnical training; the petrol used in millions of cars every day would have come from oil located by a geophysicist.

That's just how important earth science is!
by ConversionNinja January 3, 2008
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