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Jadaya is a pretty lil girl that’s evil to kids but she can be nice when she want to also she’s a outgoing person but can be lazy everyone have their days ,she likes attention if she feel
Like someone else is getting more attention then her she will do whatever it take to get all the attention and she mostly don’t like boys that treat her with respect she like the ones who is rude and think they all that but it’s a lot of lil boys that like her but she rather be friends and stick to playing basketball with the bros /friends .😭
Jadaya is good at football,basketball, Soccer ,and many more she can also dance ..💯
by James Love April 22, 2019
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Jabreion is a cool ,chill , funny person to be around he can be a bitch sometimes jabreion can also Turn bad things in good like his good At hiding his pain be hind a smile , and he just wants to be loved SO he get on social media to get attention that he don’t get a home life’s can be hard every now and then for him but he always know how to turn the bad into good sometimes he wish that he y’all to someone without being judge or talked about what he like and what he don’t .🙂🤧
Jabreion wants love so he stays on social media he could be himself without people judging him ..
by James Love April 19, 2019
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Scottish celebration on New Year's Eve. Rather like Christmas, but without Jesus to screw up the proceedings.
"What's happenin on Hogmanay?"
"Fireworks, drinkin, binge-feeding, the usual"
by James Love December 30, 2005
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