A combination of 'hot' and 'lame', used in reference to two hot chicks who partake in activities perceived as being lame, such as roller blading.
M: We are so lame
S: Yes, but by being lame, we become hot
M: By being lame, we become hame
by Molepiker July 27, 2006
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He is a sexy arab that is a magnet and all the girls love him. He has a very expendadential large cock that he uses to bribe his teachers to get A* in his tests. He is husband material and will never leave his wife unless he doesn’t get attention. He is the nicest person you will meet but can be really rude but everything he says is a joke so girls don’t get offended. He is the perfect man for any girl so if you find a hameed don’t let him go cause if you do it’s your loss and you won’t find another one.
Oh my god it’s hameed the sexy Arab
by thecoolkid2374 July 14, 2019
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Amazing nice and handsome

Guy who everyone wants to be
_Oh I wish I was Hamed_
by #Benice November 11, 2018
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The meaning of hamed is handsome and dangerous he has his back for his freinds and family hes freinds with dangerous people and people in gangs and he wont let anyone come in his way and he is small...
Man, that guy is such a Hamed , He wont let anyone get in his way.
by H S A August 3, 2018
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Hamed is a peeeennnngggg person, he is kind,funny,loyal,he has a dig bick and he is an extraordinary person.
Look it’s Hamed, Shit he is peeennnnng
by Man like Humphrey April 20, 2019
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You will never figure out his real deal !
You have no idea how powerful he is !
He is silent But Extremely deadly inside .
Talks less works more - but to be honest..
he’s not real , he’s a Legend
by DonaldJTrumpoffical August 17, 2018
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