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Hiccup is a badass dragon rider, a frickin hottie and is usually
a guy. Gets noticed by all the ladies and tames dragons like
its an everyday thing.
A: Who's that hottie?
B: I bet it's a Hiccup!
by AJollyKidl January 04, 2015
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1. involuntary spasms of your diaphram
2. the most annoying torture that was made up
Damn, I swallowed and air bubble, now i have the hiccups
by Barry Pham June 04, 2006
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Hiccup: noun
A name to call a lesbian with witchy tendencies that won't accept their brooding, austere, and or uselessly gay nature.
The term is derived from a nickname given to a character named Hecate Hardbroom, a teacher in a kinda enjoyably bad children's show called "The Worst Witch". A British show only watched by lesbians and children who don't know how to change the channel (or happen to be baby gays).
The lesbian's friend: "Hiccup, stop being useless. I can see you staring at that girl."
The lesbian: "Stop calling me that, I'm not useless. Look, I'll go talk to her right now."
The lesbian's friend: "No you won't."
The lesbian: "No, I won't."
The lesbian's friend:
The lesbian's friend: "Hiccup."
by Resentfully Hiccup October 03, 2019
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A terrible, yet temporary disease in which you feel your soul tries to escape your body every 2-30 seconds. In some cases, people get highly frustrated, and even sometimes wish they were dead.

Known causes are: Caffinated drinks, and large amounts of laughter.

Although hiccups are not contagious, they are very common. Please be careful.
John: *hiccup*
Sara: Aw man! You caught the hiccups'
John: da-*hiccup*-ng. These are bad!
Sara: I'm sorry!
by Jdude May 20, 2013
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a term used to soften the blow of bad news.
hugh--(on the phone with a customer) Hello!! Is Milenkovitch there??
milenkovitch--(on the other end of the phone) yes this is milenkovitch
hugh-- yes we seem to have run into a "hiccup" in regards to your bike being repaired. It seems as though your chain is broken an I will need to replace it with something fancy, this will raise the price of the repair to $200. is this going to be ok
milenkovitch-- yeah sure, you are so cool being a bike fixer, no problem.
by milenkovitch May 11, 2009
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