Hiccup is a badass dragon rider, a frickin hottie and is usually
a guy. Gets noticed by all the ladies and tames dragons like
its an everyday thing.
A: Who's that hottie?
B: I bet it's a Hiccup!
by AJollyKidl January 5, 2015
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Hiccup: noun
A name to call a lesbian with witchy tendencies that won't accept their brooding, austere, and or uselessly gay nature.
The term is derived from a nickname given to a character named Hecate Hardbroom, a teacher in a kinda enjoyably bad children's show called "The Worst Witch". A British show only watched by lesbians and children who don't know how to change the channel (or happen to be baby gays).
The lesbian's friend: "Hiccup, stop being useless. I can see you staring at that girl."
The lesbian: "Stop calling me that, I'm not useless. Look, I'll go talk to her right now."
The lesbian's friend: "No you won't."
The lesbian: "No, I won't."
The lesbian's friend:
The lesbian's friend: "Hiccup."
by Resentfully Hiccup October 4, 2019
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A young viking from How To Train Your Dragon. His father is the chef of the island he lives on and he will one day take over. He is the first person to tame and ride a dragon. Toothless, his pet and best friend is his dragon. He is a night fury and one of the most scant dragons in the whole of the archipelago.
ASTRID: "Hey Hiccup. And you too Toothless!"
by Oddie-wan-konobie February 26, 2018
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When the diaphram goes FLIP FLOP!!!! And a quite hilarious noise comes out. It sounds like somebody saying HICCUHHH but you know they dont really sound out the P. Hiccups can make people roll on the floor laughing.
Ally McBeal had the hiccups because she was eating too many pretzels, so for them to go away Blake Griffin told her to drink water. But thats didnt work so then Blake tried to scare them away.
by hiccuperally May 31, 2010
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Hes a such a badass dragon rider

Who gets all the girls rallied up and probably the best movie character all the girls would want to have in there life.
Person 1:did you see hiccup in the new httyd movie
Person 1:IKR
by Gacha_Wolf 1976 November 9, 2019
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When a boy or girl (typically who you have a crush on), says they would be glad to hangout sometime and never talks to you again
That girl said we could hangout sometime and that was 28 years ago.... she was a hiccup
by Justanormalwhiteguy July 3, 2019
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1. involuntary spasms of your diaphram
2. the most annoying torture that was made up
Damn, I swallowed and air bubble, now i have the hiccups
by Barry Pham June 4, 2006
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