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The word "hobsonator" is a term used to describe the ultimate peak of sexual predetation which a man in the UK can ever acheive. Very few have ever reached this stage and only the brave can maintain it.

Hobsonate: To give a girl her ultimate desire in bed and to leave her begging for more.

Highest level of penetration a girl can take cause she can't take no more

Derived from the greatest name ever and based on the teachings of Hobsomatrixism , this phenomenon is taking the UK by storm especially in the North Eastren parts of UK

Warch out ladies!!!! the Hobsonator is in town.

There can only be one Hobsonator bow down and learn from him..........
Girl says: I was hobsonated last night
Guy says: Fucking bastard i wish i was the Hobsonator

To be hosbsonated is a great thing!!!!

(Girl cries out) Someone please hobsonate me!!!!

My friends call me the Hobsonator.....Cum with me if you want to live!!!
by anonymous April 20, 2004
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