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When one gets absolutely piss ass drunk and becomes completely incoherent.
Jamal: "Sup you cracker-ass fool."

Fredrick Wellington: "Good day to you sir."

Jamal: "I went to this banging party last night with all my home digities."

Fredrick Wellington: "Is that right my brown friend?"

Jamal: "I must have done got hobo drunk cuz I snapped off a log in ma draws. Ya herd you white mufuga."

Fredrick Wellington: "Intresting"...(sitting in a chair, legs crossed, puffing on a pipe while ready a fine leather-bound book).A long awkward pause occurs making both parties feel uncomfortable.

Jamal: "Touch me...."(Yet another awkward pause insues, not quite as long as the previous one).

Jamal: "...before I cut you!"
by Aunt Jeff December 05, 2007
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to be so drunk, one cares not whether he or others are covered in one's own urine, vomit, or feces.
Dude, Ronald consciously puked into his crotch at the bar. Yeah, he was hobo drunk.
by Mick Manhattan December 14, 2007
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