piss ass is used when you are describing something that is junk or and piece of shit.
"look at that little piss ass car over there"
by SteelerFan86 October 19, 2007
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an enhancer that can refer to basically anything at any given time based on the speakers intent. similar to how one would address someone as an "asshole" in a negative regard, but more versatile because it can enhance positive emotion equally. it can demonstrate jealousy, respect, hate, and even happiness. its uses are as wide as the receiver is comfortable with accepting, and generally demands a response. it is derogatory in nature, but a term used amongst friends (especially to each other) to express a given sentiment. originated in south milwaukee, over a game of pool.
mad/angry: you stole my last fish stick you piss ass!
respect: you piss ass, i can't believe you made that cut shot 8-ball bank. i gotta learn that shot!
happiness: i can't believe you planned this awesome party for me you piss ass, thanks bro!
by adamvivitron November 10, 2011
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(Slang) To a high degree; overly. See syn. at very.
I have a job interview at 11am tomorrow, but that won't stop me from getting piss-ass drunk tonight.
by RunningFool March 16, 2005
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inferior or mediocre in comparison to previous examples or other instances
"This tool has a piss-ass design compared to the 2005 model"
by TommyShawFan1234 March 4, 2007
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Piss Ass is a disfunction that causes piss to come out of one's ass. Often mistaken for a form of cancer called ass cancer.
"yo dude I think I got Piss Ass"
"the doctor says I may be suffering from constant Piss Ass"
"why is piss coming out of my ass? oh, it may be Piss Ass"
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A term used to express the euphoria of the famous, yet painful, poop, which involves much water (piss), with the expected, but inadequate, actual poop. In severe cases, blood can be involved.
I've got to take a dump.
*Sits on the toliet*
*Sounds of a hose pouring into water*
Fucking piss ass.
by Joe The Man, Rogan February 7, 2009
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Man, had a bad case of the pissing ass last night.
by krispyduck August 15, 2006
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