A person whom beleives in love and world peace.

-They DO take bathes.
-Not all of them smoke pot.
-There NOT stupid.
-There not all high school dropouts.
-They don't always wear tie-dye.
-The don't saythings like "Dudeee~" or "Mannn~" they talk normaly.
-There really smart people.
-They're so much fun to be around.

Never beleive that steriotype Hippies are real Hippies

My mother is a Hippie, she loves music. She has even gone to several Woodstock shows. When I was born she wanted me to be a "Child of Nature." so she named me Natalie (After her) Miranda (The name of a moon) Echo-Rainbow *instert last name here* (this is a true stary)
by Lady Indago February 17, 2008
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Modern day hippies are groups that pretend to have an ideal and an anti-establishment cause, but really are as closed minded as any clique or trendy group. Some think everything should be as happy and peaceful as their privileged lives have afforded them, and others are as sketchy and messed up as anyone.

The prolems with this group are they think it's cool to neglect hygiene, gather there opinions from emotions and not facts, and only listen to very few bands/djs, the one's that are the most popular amongst hippies. This creates quality bands/djs to get overrun and sold out by people who don't have a clue about what makes the performers exceptional.

They basically ruin things do to ignorance and selfconsciousness.
She got to college and realized her look wasn't going to get her enough attention. After buying the "hippie handbook", she knew what to wear, how to think, and what one band to listen to. Now she gets to smoke bowls with the cool kids and never has to buy anything, and can be a slut without looking like one.
by Kevin Irah September 06, 2006
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one who embraces belief in peace love and happiness. some narrowminded sterotypical assholes like to associate them with pot, also know as weed or marijuana. The truth is there are many sub parts of the term hippie. there are college know it all hippies that walk around telling teenagers that they don't know the things that they should know because they havent been to college yet. there are music hippies who like to express themselves through music. there are vegetarian hippies who refuse to eat meat and protest meat eaters. and then of course there are SOME hippies who choose to smoke weed.
Jock: look at the stupid ass hippie table there all so stoned
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a middle aged person from the mid-to late 1960s who was part of a movement to reform culture, but ended up becoming a brand new "counterculture". characterized by unkempt look, experimentation with drugs and hallucinogenics, i think thats how you spell it, and ideas of sexual freedom.
there are a bunch of hippies left in san francisco.
by Random April 06, 2004
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A term used by conservatives and other close-minded people to stereotype someone with new, intellectual, and peaceful ideas so that they can ignore them.
AngryP: Damn it! Oh my God! How can she be so disrespectful! After all that I have done for her RARRR! Fucking grumble grumble....
Hippie: Hey Dude just relax. Why be upset? Things will pass, dont let her get to you...
AP: You don't understand, you dirty HIPPIE!
by kiralapu May 10, 2006
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Someone whos main goal in life is to spread peace, love and happiness wherever they go.
by bohomix May 12, 2014
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