'Charise is a Goddess. She has a perfect body, she looks fiiiiiiiine and she's intelligent'
by Some UK Dude :O February 20, 2005
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to be attracted to someone of the opposite gender who was born a) in a different country than yours and b) at least two years after you. To carry out this action, one must make out with this individual for at least 10 minutes in a public place.
"I didn't hear from you last night."
"Yeah, sorry, I was pulling a Charise - I met these cute Belgian guys at a bar and then made out with one of them in Tompkins Park."
"Why didn't you just make out at the bar?"
"They couldn't get in, they didn't have a fake. How about you, what did you do?"
"I put the kids to bed."
by snifflebunny April 6, 2010
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