The highest level of tripping.
Completely freaking out. Usually crazy ass drugs are involved.
I took some acid and extacy at the same time last night...I was trippin balls man.
by FlamingGuts May 23, 2006
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I was trippin balls waching Alice In
Wonderland last night.

Originated in Naples FL
by Nick Santora April 11, 2005
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After taking a certain amount of psychedelics, one's mind begins to lose focus on the fabrics of reality, you look in their bloodshot eyes and its clear they are in their own world, and completely fucked up. Most commonly occurs on acid, shrooms or other hallucinogens like dmt
Dude 1: Where am I??? What am I? Aaaaaaargh this is fun!

Dude 2: Woah man, and I thought I was trippin balls....
by offtheplanet July 19, 2009
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1) When a person is extremely angry.
2) When a person has had to much to drink or on drugs.
3) When a person is over excited.
4) it means when somone is basically flippin out or straight up trippin.
Yo pat you smoked to much weed stop trippin balls.

Stop trippin balls cuz i stole your beer.
by kwaffle June 25, 2006
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a term that sums up chellsea and haleys weekends.
when you over dose on medication.
sometimes you see things, get really hyper then tired, throw up, pass out, and occasionally have seizures.
its super fun! *thumbs up*
oh my god we took so many vikes, im trippin balls.
by chellsea cassano November 05, 2007
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what goes on in the minds of cool harwichers after overdosing on medication.
"woah man i took so many vikes im trippin balls like theres no tomorrow. yee man all the colors are intertwining, gimme more"
by chellsea cassano November 10, 2007
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When drugs have taken over your mind, and you no longer control what you see or say.
Or forget why you are doing or saying.
Hallucination, new understandings.
Guy 1: You alright mate ?
Guy 2: Excellent mate, just trippin balls, seein pixies throwin swedgers about the place.
Guy 1: nice
by oreikobsa March 23, 2009
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