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15 year old mother: I'll just set little Timmy in front of Sesame Street then we can hit the mall!

15 year old skank: Okey dokey!
by Elitist January 26, 2004
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One who believes that the purpose of a Republic is to question every word the government says. Also, they tend to believe that we killed millions of Iraqis even though we killed less then 100,000. They say this is wrong even though that number x10 would have been killed within the next 7 years by Saddam if he would have been left in power.
Wow, that highly intelligent war protestor decided to block traffic during rush hour instead of writing a letter or getting a petition together to send to his/her congressman!
by Elitist February 2, 2004
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Turn Based Strategy. Refers to a game where each player takes a turn, such as Civilization.
My Siphai crushed the puny Europeans in Civilization 3.
by Elitist December 29, 2004
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In that Chinese girls home in Stree Fighter 2 there is a guy choking a chicken in the background.
Is that old man choking his chicken?
by Elitist January 1, 2004
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You're all such stupid smacktards. A patriot is one who likes and appreciates their country and fellow man.

All of you stupid faggots are defining a nationalist.
Another wasted urban dictionary entry, just like America, France, and Nintendo.
by Elitist January 18, 2004
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See America
See Canada
See UK
See France
See Germany
See Spain
See Portugal
See Poland
See Holland
See Luxemborg
See Ireland

See Earth Every governemnt that has ever existed is just a glorified plutocracy.
by Elitist April 7, 2004
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One of the coolest actors ever. Only one whos better is Charles Bronson.
.44 magnum, most powerful handgun on the planet.
by Elitist January 15, 2004
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