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The state of knowing what something means before you're even given this information.
Man 1: Aye did you know Becky slept with the English teacher.

Man 2: I'm already hipped.
by Mackdaddy21 March 15, 2017
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The devious, yet conspicuous act of thrusting one's ass in the path of an opponent in order to cause a fall and thwart their efforts.
Coach K. in response to Grayson Allen's flagrant foul, "Do you think that was the only time someone was hipped in the game?"

On Black Friday I had my hands on the last Roomba at Best Buy before I was ruthlessly hipped by a more determined consumer who snatched it up and dashed to the checkout.
by LGiffy May 10, 2018
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This slang term is largely used in the music and mountain bike communities. Originally used in the late 80's-90's underground scenes and now making a come back in today's modern slang terminology.
Stay hipped with the latest gossip on the streets
by Varoom June 11, 2017
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