OML means oh my lord. Its kinda like the same this as OMG (oh my god)
ME:I am going to kiss you
Mat:OML, please dont
by XxvolcomxX February 11, 2007
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stands for "on my life";
used when trying to prove a point or express something is true
Laurie: I kissed Derick!
Emily: Stop lying.
Laurie: Oml I did!
by bigdaddya November 5, 2015
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oml he is sooo fit
by Cattiexx April 20, 2009
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oml she did not just do that!

oml, they just broke up!
by green611 March 23, 2010
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girl1: “did you alyssa’s hair?!”
girl 2: “oml yes it looked amazing!”
by monstersinc. March 16, 2018
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