Extremely busy.
Events occurring one after another without a break.
Tuesday I'm wall to wall, in fact my whole damn week is wall to wall.

I've got wall to wall interviews all day.

by Trickypat July 19, 2008
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A term used in pornography.
Continuous sex, hardcore sex from scene to scene without any real story or purpose.
Dude, jack can only get off if he watched wall to wall. No Softcore for him.
by EED August 15, 2004
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A behavior correction method, in which a superior shows a subordinate the error of his or her actions by means of physical violence. Verbal abuse is optional. While primitive, it differs from blind, drunken battery in that it is initiated with the objective of eliminating undesirable behavior. Used correctly, it is utilized only when all other methods of communication have failed.

Applications of wall-to-wall counseling vary, ranging from a simple slap to prolonged sessions ending with a trip to the hospital. Like most counseling, it is of an intimate nature and usually takes place between counseler and counselee in a secluded place, though the counseler may opt to include assistants for physically fit patients. Blunt, hard objects such as baseball bats, 2x4 wood, and walking canes are occasionally included as teaching aids.

Named for the dynamic nature involved, in which a counselee is tossed about from wall to wall during a session.

For additional information, refer to WALL-TO-WALL COUNSELING FM 22-102, available from the United States Army's Field Manual Headquarters.
The new worker, Billy Bob, keeps clogging the toilets with his chewing tobacco. I've tried talking to him and reducing his pay, but he won't stop and I can't afford to fire him. Maybe some wall-to-wall counseling will fix the problem.
by Eidako July 27, 2003
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to cover an entire room or area with a layer (sometimes visible) of noxious ass gas. The stank is literally wall to wall with no room for escape.
Gilbert sat around all day on Saturday smoking Oxy's and muscle relaxers, and doing a shit-ton of cough syrup.

He was palsied and couldn't even get up. He ordered a double anchovy pizza and washed it down with a Big Bear 40 o.z. malt liquor.

Between the drugs and shitty food he had major bubble-gut. He ripped ass, and the room was instantly wall-to-wall stank.
by jrubadub August 11, 2010
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In referece to a place, full of attractive people; In referece to a person, one who possesses all attractive characteristics.
by caritas April 25, 2006
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When alot of black people are in one room. Usually alot consisting of 12.
by Jaytothebizzle June 8, 2005
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A series of wall postings on Facebook that has flooded your main page where there is obvious flirting or it is apparent that the two people are about to hook up. These postings are usually not wanted to be seen.

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"I was on Facebook and my main page was disgusting. I don't want to see Bob and Jill's Wall-To-Wall Sex!"
by TheHayGuysCat April 20, 2009
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