The speaker empathizes, agrees with, or understands on a deep and personal level a particular comment made by another; the speaker deeply relates to someone's sentiment. It is not meant literally, conveys no sexual connotation, and is not necessarily a confession the speaker feels romantically toward the person who made the original comment.
After she said, "I hate Mondays", her co-worker responded, "I feel you."
by ruralthesaurus92 March 31, 2015
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syn. "I understand where you're coming from."
finals freaking you out? I feel you.
by Anonymous December 2, 2001
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feeling sympathy for somebody not really knowing what they are going through

Not to be confused with "I feel you."
Player w/ Season Ending Injury: I miss basketball.
Teammate: I feel for you dawg
by BisoNation January 4, 2012
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A word to express how another person feels, like ''i know how your feeling''
by DizzyLizzy February 20, 2007
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When a guy wants to have sex with you without a condom.
“Damn, I wanna feel you
“I’m gonna feel you someday
by UrbanGILF July 4, 2021
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I can understand what are you feeling.
when someone is sad, just say "i can feel you", it means you know that person is sad and you can feel it.
by huy nam tran February 18, 2007
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You thought that person liked you but they don’t or they don’t find interested in you
Drake: hey it’s uhh it’s you uhhh… what’s your name?
Ice spice: you thought i was feeling you?
by Sweetheartscorpio317 October 29, 2022
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