Out of 10 I would rate you 1/10 coz your ugly as fuck
by Barca123 September 4, 2015
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1-10 based on the bitch's attractiveness. If she's very attractive. Includes- butt, tits, and sometimes face. Basically from 1- the ugliest
10-the hottest.
Damn boy check that chick over there, what you sayin' from 1-10
She's got some nice boobs and a nice booty). She's also blonde. I would rank her 10.
by The asshole August 29, 2016
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Also known as the Female Attractiveness Scale, or FAS for short. The 1 to 10 scale that (in this case) men use to rate women from 1 being totally unfuckable, to 10, being the most fuckable person in sight. A 1's natural habitat is at their home feeding their multitude of cats. Whereas the 10, a rare breed, tend to stay outside, around the most people they can find. Common places to spot 10's are crowded ass malls, and or on the beach (if you live near there).
"I think I wanna bang Chelsea"
"Nah dude, 1-10, she like, a 3"
by Whoop-de-whoop what!? September 14, 2016
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A 1-10 also read 110, one-ten, is the numerical discreption for something that is 110% sketch. It is often used to decribe females that are not up to your friends standerds but are willing and able. A 110 often falls on your lap after a night of inebriation. Sometimes also reffered to as tenners.
Friend 1: Yoo, whats good?
Friend 2: Not to much chillin...
Friend 1: Heard you hooked up with a chick last night?
Friend 2: Yeah it was straight
Friend 1: Did you kiss her?
Friend 2: Hell nah she was a 1-10.
by Glow May 15, 2006
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This is a way for guys to judge the hotness of girls in a simple, quantitative system
Yo, 1-10 on that blonde over there.
by That Really Smart Guy. September 8, 2016
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A 60 second period on most digital clocks where the screen displays a surprised french man when turned 90 degrees to the right.
13yr old girl: I love the little french dude at 1:10!!!!!
by A 6uy u dun no March 22, 2010
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a scale rating a woman's hotness, generally based on ass, tits, and face.

usually used when your with a friend(s) and looking at women in a public place.
Friend: Yo, how about her? 1-10?
Other Friend: Kinda ugly, I say 7-10
by itismeboi September 6, 2016
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