A superficial greeting no one really ever means. Pretty much a way to say "Hey piss off!" Without seeming like a jerk. It is often said to coworkers, bosses and other aqqauntinces.
"Nice to see you!"
by Bphillllllllll December 27, 2016
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A greeting exchanged, usually in a sacristy or rectory between two Catholics. One is attracted to the other but, for fear of saying something inappropriate, the affinity is channelled into this benign salutation. It can be accompanied by a long, firm handshake, a tight embrace or a kiss on the cheek.

There are three ways to respond.

If the person being greeted returns the affinity, they say "Its nice to see you too," or "Its nice to be here," but if they do not return the affinity they simply say, "Thanks!"

When the distanced admiration has existed over the course of several months or years, the greeting may also be expressed as "Its so nice to see you again."
Francis: Hey, Clare how have you been! Its nice to see you!

Clare: Its nice to see you too, Francis. I've been been well, how are your brothers?
by Hippolytus January 25, 2011
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