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Hein is a man strong in his own way, a hart of gold. Hein will go the extra mile to help other people. If you know a hein you can be considered to be the luckiest person alive. He will make your day so much better with just a hello and his loving smile. He is a handsome man ready for anything on his path. He takes life on with 110% of what he has to offer. A sporty man with legs like a super hero- even the personality to fit. His eyes tells the story of his life. If you look long enough you will realise you need him as a friend or a lover. Being with him is the best thing to happen in your day. Hein has an presence unexplained. A smile to share with the world. A hug to uplift the down-and-out. He is sent from above for a big reason.
handsome strong hein warrior history maker
by Skillieniss July 19, 2013
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French Canadian: So I was skanking the other night at the show, hein?
American: What? Huh?
French Canadian: Yeah, it was rellin, hein?
American: I am confused!
French Canadian: Why am I even talking to you?
by Sahara April 18, 2005
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Phonetic spelling:h-y-n adjective/verb,To be very rude or disrespectful towards others except Jacques.
Don't be such a Hein. You are very Heinish today.The cat is behaving like Hein
by PieterKoen November 29, 2014
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abbreviated form of "heinous" (pronounced: Hayn)
drunk guy: i think i'd totally have sex with shelley duvall.
sober guy: no way man, she's totally hein.
by Nihal November 11, 2005
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A term used by frisbee freestylers, windsurfers and other beach bums to indicate that something is extraordinarily good or enjoyable.
Dude, that catch you made was really hein.
by Rasta Bob June 02, 2006
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this is what is known as human chewbacca disease. it is also known as bigfooteria. You can contract this disease by becoming gay and extremely hairy. Once reffered to as "FudgePacker" by a Teenager Named Peter Cooper. He teaches 9th grade and is commonly found lounging with Mr. Bart commonly thought to be his boyfriend. If you've seen them together sometimes you could say it was a hairy situation.
Damn it.. you hein brain. (hairbrain)
dude go screw bart you hein.. (go screw a fag you homo)
and my favorite.. ahh ahhh ahhlll ahll! (chewbacca noises-often reffered to as heinbacca or heinbaccurism.)
by Elk Lakian. August 26, 2008
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Bob at the local gas station says β€œHein!” To everyone he knows.
by Crudberries August 29, 2018
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