A literal angel of a human being. He is so sweet, so pure, and so kind. Also a RAP GOD. He writes musicals, songs, as well as being an actor. He is best known for "In the Heights" (2008) and " Hamilton " 2015. His current projects are "In the Heights" the movie, "Mary Poppins Returns" and the reboot of "The Little Mermaid"
"Wow can you name a more talented lyricist than Lin-Manuel Miranda? Because I sure can't"
by John Laurens was gay March 23, 2017
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Lin-Manuel Miranda is the god of basically everything. Washing up? God. Musicals? God. Naming small insects of the bread in which shovels up mountains of shit? GOD.
Yo, Lin-Manuel Miranda is my god.”
“What religion is that?”
“The best religion.”
by God has abandoned us May 31, 2018
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Lin Manuel Miranda is a writer, composer, actor, and innocent cinnamon bun. He is the writer of an extremely popular play known as 'Hamilton', starring himself as Alexander Hamilton, the writer of an unaired Cantina Song for The Force Awakens, a composer for the upcoming Disney movie Moana, and a guest star on many shows, such as Modern Family. He's often known to host the side show of Hamilton known as Ham4Ham, answer tweets from fans, make vines, and visit with the ghost of Alexander Hamilton. He's known to go a long time without sleeping.

Please give this man a break.
Person 1: You know Lin Manuel Miranda?
Person 2: Oh, the guy who's just like his country, young, scrappy, and hungry? Yeah, he's not throwing away his shot
by LocalDoGooder February 1, 2016
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(aka "Old Man Miranda") is a musician, actor, writer, and rapper. Best known for In the Heights (2008) and Hamilton (2015).

He has the voice of an angel and drops beats that are fire.
Person 1: Wow I can't stop listening to Hamilton

Person 2: Right? Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius.
by KaylaJanaeee August 4, 2016
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Lin Manuel Miranda is a singer, actor, writer, and rapper. He is mostly known for In The Heights, Hamilton, and the songs from Moana. He is basically the best person alive at the time (currently 2017).
Have you ever listened to Hamilton?
Yeah, it's my favorite!
Plus it's written by Lin Manuel Miranda! The best person ever!
by Lina32400 May 11, 2017
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God (to any Hamilton fan like me)
Hamilton fan: "Praise be to Lin Manuel Miranda, the one true Lord!"
by A. W. Farmer January 28, 2017
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