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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
by allygator February 07, 2015
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A small, private school in Potomac. This school is known for nonathletic smart losers, but in reality, it deserves a better reputation than it's given. Sure, most the kids there are stuck there because of their parents, and I know it's not the greatest school, but it does have a lot cool, athletic kids. Most Zag-Fags or Preppy boys or those freaks at Landon will say otherwise, but here's an idea, take a trip to the Heights in Potomac, sit down and watch a nice lacrosse game against say, our rival Notre Dame, maybe grab a bite to eat, and witness the truth that is the Heights.

The Heights is the school that gets bashed on, but actually, it's got it's share of lax brahhs and jock strap poney boys. Plus in a few years, rumor has it that a football stadium along with another 200+ students are comin'. The Heights is the place to be.
"Haha! Yous goes to da Hights! Yur a FEG, you got NO soceal life what so evar" - Gonzaga/Prep/Landon kid

"Umm, I'd be bangin chicks all week son, what you got? Plus, when it comes to senior year, Ima be going to Princeton lil' boy. Don't mess with us big boys down at the Heights yo." - Typical Heights Kid

"What's wrong with MK? Atleast I'll be with my classmates." - Gonzaga/Prep/Landon kid
by Justanotherhighschooler May 10, 2010
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A hood in Sacramento Ca, 95838 were niggas get money and get bitches. North side of the city and we dont fuck wit the Mob (Strawberry Manors). Del Paso Heights is the hardest hood in north Sac and if you slide threw talkin the wrong shit I beT you get yo shit split, we blood niggas out here except for Noglas crip niggas and were money motivated
Im from the heights.
by DeShawne February 03, 2008
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only the most awesome private school in P-mac. Sick at Lax, won the MILL tourney last year. Win it again this year. they get all the hotties
heights guy 1: dude we are sick
Heights guy 2: yea we are!

St. johns guy (aka wilson) - dude those heights guys are tight
Gonzaga- yea i wish i got in there but im too gay and stupis
by heightslaxa April 01, 2005
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The Heights, in Bethesda MD, is probably one of the most pathetic schools in all of MD. These kids are too stupid to get in anywhere better (STA, Landon, Prep) and arent good enough to play sports anywhere. Heights guys are known for their extreme sadness and inability to do anything right. Whoever wrote about Heights lax below, I laugh. The Heights lacrosse program, like every other thing at that school is a laughing stock. If ur not good at sports, or school, and very ugly, you should go to the Heights.
The HeightsHeights kid- god dammit i have to go to this awful school, i didnt even get into bullis
Heights kid 2- whatever man heights lax is sweet, did u see gunnar gingery score 2 goals against Sidwell Friends?
Heights kid- yeah but we lost that game 15-2
by GGinger June 04, 2006
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The guys who didnt get into Gonzaga or Landon. Basically a C-class prep school. They are hoooorrrrrrrrrible at sports and are to scared to talk to girls. They ususally have their first girlfriend in college.
"We Gonzaga guys dont make fun of them, if we were gay we would go there too!"
by theheightsisajoke June 17, 2005
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