When you're Christian and too lazy to type heck
hec, i can't believe he would hecing do that! Hecing hec!
by SonicLover8000 November 30, 2017
(Australian) HECS (pron: hex) is Australia's Student Loan taken as a small tax for however long it takes to pay it off depending on your dept size and income, higher your income, higher your hecs payments (usually higher paying professions, doctors, lawyers etc have higher hecs depts due to their higher course fees, but they ultimately work in higher paying professions and you get the picture). Payments are unnoticible until your pay bracket increases, or you recieve a bounus when the Hecs takes a much larger than usual slice of your pay, making you feel you busted your ass for nothing.

To be hecsed
Bonus time comes:

dude 'hey man, how did you shape up for your bounus?'

man 'dude, the hecs took all my hard work and pissed it away'

dude 'oh man, I got hecsed on my bonus'
by some**other..girl May 8, 2008
he just a noob conor bad name gay and bad and he do crusade
Who da hec conar da crosader
by BruhSlav May 3, 2020
"I wanna have sxx with you real real real real real real real real real real real real BAD!!!" 😈🍓❤️⭐
by Joooooooosh May 8, 2022