When a female quifes in a mans face while she is on the rag. Splattering his face with blood. A variation of a winchester or a winchester tie dye
All I can think about is getting a head shot from you next time you are ragging out your snatch.
by tunazz June 11, 2008
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When masturbating, you ejaculate with so much force that you hit your face.
Ryan: "dude i got a headshot last night."

Seth: "really? nice! on call of duty? with what a pistol? and who'd you hit?

Ryan: "Naw man. it was with my dick. and i hit myself."
by ooglytoop7272 October 20, 2010
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1. The end of your mom's last movie.

2. Taking a players head off with a weapon on games such as Unreal and GTA.
You killed Loque with a sniper riffle. A voice says "HEAD SHOT!!!"
by Brandyn September 03, 2003
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In video gaming, "headshot" is literally used to describe a type of shot that attacks the head, using instantly killing or severely maiming the target.

Historically, a headshot is hard to achieve and, when used in mass, the sign of a master of the game.
Guy: Dude, did you just see that mac-10 headshot?

Guy: Oh yeah, AWP headshot...like taking candy from a baby.
by betterthangoogle December 01, 2003
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Mad Max- "dude rabbit, i was playing cod m dubs 2 last night when my girl came over. i didnt want to tell you while we were playing domination but i got a HEAD SHOT!"
Rabbit- "AHHH no way!!! how was it?"
Mad Max- " to quote hannah montanna it was the "best of both worlds" mate"
by Twilly47 November 27, 2009
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What the person who shot Osama Bin Laden Yelled after shooting him.
Person 1: Ow, stop shooting me with that that elastic band.
Person 2: Headshot!
by Me, You, and I December 31, 2011
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Explosive Diarrhea that hits the wall of the toilet bowl and sticks, like when brains and blood get shot out of the head and tick to a regular wall.
After eating tons of chili last night, I had to take an urgent dump. It looked like a head shot in the bowl.
by Chips July 17, 2008
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