What happens when someone is shot in the head with a gun, whether it be a video game or real life. If it were to happen in a video game you would gain points, if it were to happen in real life all you would get is a death.
by Mrs Crackerface November 07, 2017
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The term headshot evolved when Cypress got shot in the head.
Term is used to exclude an idea before it happens.
Gang member1:Come man go party
Gang member2:HEADSHOT!
Gang member1:Sn lowe it then g
by 9Boyz October 25, 2018
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a Headshot is when you fire a gun and it hits someone in the head. ps. if you did not know that ur a dumbass
Damn he just headshot me im low.
by Danny is gay lol March 12, 2019
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