Tourney, and Old English term referring to any sort of tournament or contest. It is still used today amongst certain people.
"Dude, there's an archery tourney on Saturday...wanna go?"

"Biff won the chess tourney."

"Mitch has entered the boxing tourney with high prospects of winning."
by SnottyIrishman August 5, 2005
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Tourney is short for tournament. A tourney is a competitive sporting event.
My friends would like to go to that Table Tennis tourney.
by JoeG314 February 14, 2018
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A lazy / snobbish / poncy / unresearched way of writing the word tournament.

Tourney comes from 18th century Victorian romanticised idea of knights in shining armour. Prior to this it was rarely used in English, being a French word from the 14th century that itself was based on Latin and English. Instead of tourney, the English prior to Victorian airy fairy knights who lacked blood, guts, and gore, quite sensibly used the word "tournament".
"Oh priv thee syre! Shall we enter the tourney?" he said to the knight; "What you chattin' about boy? Are you some kind of snotling? I am a knight. I shall enter tournaments and risk my life for little reward."
by GeorgeRRLame'in July 18, 2017
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-anything having to do with or related to a poker tournament.
-tournament for short
- anything that is good
"Dude who wants to get a tourney goin?"
"Hey man, did you hear Joe just got his license?" "Tourney!"
by theskip February 26, 2005
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tourament of eldery females held like cattle in a corner for not more than 3 seconds while elderly men try to pass gas. the winner is the women who holds her breath without dying
uncle gillis said aunt martha won another fart tourney, she held her breath for six seconds
by bobber astyrwhole September 22, 2013
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When two working males, often electricians, would strip nude in a secure location. The would then proced to joust or sword fight with their erect penises, drawing closer and closer until both are simply grinding against each other until they both ejaculate. In the end, the only one who loses however, are the ones that hired them.
Mike: "Hey, I bet Josh and Dave are just messing around while we work."

Jim: "You know them, the love to have a tummy sticks tourney."
by Grimwolf May 12, 2016
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shitty bicycle components that are found on BSOs from walmart and on shitty Trek Emonda series.
Marjane: This shimano tourney shifting is broken
Atticus: heres what to do: throw that shitty BSO into the landfill.
Marjane: but its my $8,000 Trek Emonda SL7
Atticus: Sorry ma'm but for your fucking safety, I have to toss it into a landfill. This bicycle actually comes eqquipted with "24 speed" drivetrain so that Trek could mass market this exact model in Walmart, along with Huffy and Schwinn. Trek wants to make money for drug dealers, thats it.
by Knmagor May 17, 2023
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