A cowardly person who rats out his fellow employees. Specifically in Union shops. A common rat.
Did you hear about Levi? He got got Hawkeyed just like Brian!

Watch your back, there's a Hawkey in this shop.
by TruckstopJesus April 12, 2021
A pretentious spelling of the word "Hockey." Used by someone attempting to impress others by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
"Jeari said he is going to watch hawkey tonight."
by Hockeyfan October 2, 2017
One who plays the sport of hockey. This creature is often from the famed Boston-Canada area and has a thick accent. Characterized by attempts to "toss sauce" on multiple objects, including ponds, rooftops, and women's faces.
It's very obvious by their demeanor that Mike and Brian are HAWKEY PLAYAHS. Sadly, it is equally as obvious that Gen is not a HAWKEY PLAYAH.
by 123HPA February 15, 2014
A useless twat that gives his slaves nothing but grief. Cannot speak english as a proper Canadian and drives on the wrong side of the road
Hawkey-noble is an import that is completely uselss
by Doug April 1, 2005