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So are we going to our usual haunt tonite.

Nah man I've started to hate that nasty dive! Let's go somewheres more high class
by doesntmatterdoesitnow March 26, 2009
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A word that can be used to describe a girl who is horrifying or chilling to look at because of her septic appearance. Haunts or haunties, or haunty beors are terrifying and often prey on innocent hammered lads in nightclubd. The haunt is a step above the manbearhaunt, but is below the common minger. Can also mean knacker or chav girl.
David: "what was the bird like that Ben was with last night?"
Tony: "uh, she was a such a haunt!"

David: "I was trying to get with a bird last night, but all of her friends were absolute haunts. None of the lads would take the grenade"

John: "I'd rather suck shit through a straw, than to score her: she was a haunt!"

Kevin: "scored some haunt last night, disaster. I was rotten drunk"
by themanwiththeshoes October 04, 2010
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Pertaining to the residence of one, or where they consider their home.
"I'm headin back to my haunt for the night"
by Statik December 21, 2004
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A good looking girl, at least 18 years old.

Originated in the South West of Ireland.
That girl over there is some haunt!

She's haunty out!
by Cabbs July 30, 2008
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The combination of catfishing and being a psycho stalker.
Did they guy really try to Haunt you? He's so fucking creepy, telling girls that he wants to go live with them!
by azntyrone May 22, 2014
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When someone is ghosting you and, after they attempt to reestablish a relationship, they ghost you again.
You: So, how have you been since your breakup?
Friend: I’d be better if they didn’t keep ghosting me after they attempt to get together again.
You: I think this has gone beyond mere ghosting; I think they’re haunting you.
by MrBrightside2265 December 31, 2018
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