A hatton is an amazing person. They are known for Bad lying, and they are introverted.
VegaMcSega: oh wow. It’s a Hatton............oh...........wow.......
by VegaMcSega and Leshanka March 04, 2018
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Hatton is an e-boy loving hipster wide a heavy flow and wide set vagina. She never shaves her pits or wears deodorant because she believes she’s one with nature. People named Hatton usually look like rats and only change their underwear once a week. But on the bright side, Hattons are typically pretty laid back and DTF. Their favorite past time is watching Hentai, but they also enjoy a refreshing Black Cherry White Claw on a hot summer day.
Dude, did you see the pair of tits on Hatton...what a babe.
by LödedDiaper May 11, 2020
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to knock out senseless; the depression that follows;
They didn't dare going toe to toe with Pacquiao for fear of getting hattonized.
by TheIconoclast May 16, 2011
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Oi! My old Man's a binman,

He wears a dustman's hat,

He crawls inside a Ford Escort,

His son ain't got no socks. OI!
"You can leave your marc hatton." - Slang for taking your socks off but still wearing shoes. Commando feet, if you will.
by Billy Corgan's Chest Freezer February 18, 2016
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Like the Bechdel Test, but for media portraying a person with a disability.

The Hatton test: Does the person with a disability exist in the media for a reason other than to glorify a non-disabled person? Are they presented as a complete person, with hopes, fears, and skills unrelated to their disability? Are they portrayed as automatically evil, or inspirational, because of their role as "other"?
"Sorry Glinda, I can't go see Phantom of the Opera with you. It fails the Hatton Test, and each time I see it, I leave the theater feeling dehumanized and sad. However, I heard that Young Frankenstein is playing at that theater with the great pizza, and there's even a place I can tie up my flying monkeys outside".
by Gertrude Bell April 17, 2014
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Great british boxer from southport, manchester. A welterweight fighter. Don't underestimate this guy over his size, he will drop you in the blink of an eye. His nickname is the hitman.
Ricky Hatton got owned by manny pacquaio.
by spudman2k9 August 09, 2009
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A shitty little town in North Dakota.

Not to be confused with Northwood, ND. An even shittier small town in North Dakota
David: Want to go to Hatton, ND?
Frank: No. That place sucks dick!
by A Hatton Person April 12, 2011
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