A shithole suburb with a beautiful setting. This suburb lays on the northern end of the gold coast, Australia. With beautiful parks beaches and amazing weather the town is largely made up of government aides such as mental health the main hospital and the largest dole office.
The suburb of southport is made up of half decent people who fear for thier lives after dark from theother half who are rehab ridden street walking filth that will rob you blind for another hit of heroin and a cheap fuck at one of the "massage" parlours.
Wanna go hang out in Southport? FUCK NO!!!
by !ihatethisplace! January 15, 2011
A small seaside town in the north-west of england opposite blackpool and near liverpool.Among the masses of newbreeds and chav scum there are a fair few decent kids that live there watch out for ocean plaza and maccys(toen centre)- full of chavs and not always the decent ones. if you skate the skatepark in the middle of the plaza and town centre is the best we have for the skating kids but sefton council can piss a fair few off as you get fucked if ur skating in town which is shite. if you want to hang there i suppose the bowling green, bandstand && arts centre are the places to go but watch out for the newbreeds that can suffocate the places. a few gigs held in sowie at places such as casablancas, suttons, albert, (commis in ormskirk)&&(crosby social culb in crosby)&& sometime atrs centre and christ church. nice plae if you meet the right people loys of kewl && sound kids there. LOVE it! xxxmwaxxx
omg lets go to southport and see all the hot chicks there!!! they're so fucking fit!!!
by xxRowxx June 23, 2006
Going down on someone; to perform oral sex
I southported your mom last night. She creamed herself like mad with all my licking and sucking on her clit and vagina.
by spedshul July 11, 2011
A coastal town in north west England full of 12 year old roadmen. It is a wanna be London and is quite dangerous. Although, the fish and chips are nice.
I feel for you, you live in Southport.
by DarkDuck January 6, 2022
A small Merseyside seaside town, sometimes known as Sowie. The population mainly consists of retirees, chavs and people too broke to visit Blackpool.
"Want to go to Southport for a picnic?"

"Ew no, it's full of chavs and there are turds on the beach!"
by Banana Banzai November 5, 2022
Southport is in the North West of England. It is full of young chavs.
Merseyside has the second highest knife & gun crime outside of London.
There are 2 maccies, 2 KFCs, a Burger King, and multiple Subways.

High Park/Meols Cop are full of chavs looking to cause chaos, there is the odd nice kid.

Southport is sometimes referred to as Sowie
I live in Southport me
by YummyDavo February 28, 2020
hell. that’s a word that sums it up. if you think your school is bad, well you damn lucky you don’t go to sopo. you walk in and the first thing you see are roaches, snakes, clowns and a whole bunch of other shii. (i’m talkin bout the girls) the boys are just as annoying to tho. the teachers here to are lame asf and the food nasty ash. you probably gonna see some vsco girls to and they the ones who are really annoying. a lot of the girls be doing tiktok dances which no one fuckin cares bout their lil tiktoks. in general, sopo is cringey asf and you don’t wanna come her. periodt
southport middle is like hell. i get driven there every day in a big yellow stoopid bus.
by danielle cohn 🤡 October 16, 2019