A classic Mel Brooks film of 1974 shot in black and white; a horror genre spoof that tells the story of the great grandson Frederick Frankenstein and his rejection of the family business. Filled with many iconic characters and gags including the horse whinny following the mention of character name Frau Blucher, the brain of "Abby Normal", the candle/bookcase sequence, the body parts of enormouse proportions, Igor's hump, and the knockers. A 2007 Broadway musical version kept all the great jokes and threw in 20 songs, Starbucks, balls, legs, tits, deep love, erections, and a gay bar.
In the Broadway version of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, TV star Megan Mullally (Karen of "Will & Grace") stood on the luggage and belted the word "tits" multiple times.
by CroquetGames March 20, 2009
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A horrible film in black and white, starring that rediculously annoying father from Everybody Loves Raymond.
I saw Young Frankenstein the other day...God that movie licked balls.
by El Chefe March 9, 2006
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