1. Conflict between two or more individuals, usually meaning the breaking point or most heated part of a beef.
2. Two or more individuals who are very well balanced.
3. Two individuals standing right in front of eachother. Usually during a heated argument.
1. Man, Shady/Aftermath and Inc are going toe to toe, it's about to get physical.
2. I don't know who will win the boxing match, both men are toe to toe.
3. My parents are toe to toe right now yelling about taxes.
by Beedub December 27, 2003
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A fight that takes place in a cramped space, such as a shop doorway.
"Me and Dave had a toe to toe punch-up outside the shoe shop on Abington Street"
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
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Not caring about the sex of the individual performing oral sex or other sexual acts on you.
A phrase popularized by radio personality Wendy Williams.
"Girl, I don't care who does it because a toe is a toe and it all fells good."
by butta baby April 22, 2005
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When a male pules out of any orfice on a female, barracades it with a lincoln log and proceeds to spread open the big toes on each of her feet with the left and right hands. He then proceeds to say "cummin in yer toes" in a monotone voice very rapidly until he ejaculates on her toes. After the act is finished the girl walks on the males body and sings toe toe toe your boat until it is dry.
Jerry- Damn rebekkah was wasted last night. What'd you guys do in there?

Randy - Stuck a lincoln log in her ass while she sang toe toe toe your boat all night long.
by bob jonez August 22, 2011
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When the camel toe is so large that it has its own camel toe. Usually occuring on very large, fat and veloptuous women.
"Hey I can see your camel toe's toe"
"What? Im not that fat!"
by John Trian July 27, 2006
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