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Economic plan developed by President Ronald "Bonzo" Reagan in the 1980s based on some squiggles drawn on a napkin. Based on the entirely logical presumption that less money equals more money.
"Hey, Ron, let's lower taxes on the rich, cut funding for education/healthcare/anything important, then spend so much on useless crap like missiles that we end up in debt for the rest of our lives and those damn Boomers can't have their social security."
"Good choice, Ron. We'll call it Reaganomics."
"Uh, OK."
by MarkusRTK April 25, 2004

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A crook.

Also, President of the United States from 1969-1974. His accomplishments included officially recognizing China, keeping a steady hand on the economy, managing the war in Vietnam with a reasonable level of competence, and completely destroying Americans' faith in their political system for generations to come by having the balls to create a massive criminal surveillance infrastructure then desperately trying to cover it up while becoming the laughingstock of the media.

Also, said "Sock it to me" on Laugh-In once. That was cool.
"Hey look, it's Richard Nixon!"
by MarkusRTK November 08, 2004

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Unusually or overly cruel, referring either to specific actions or circumstances.
"So the teacher gave me a 35 in the class."
"Man, that's harsh!"
by MarkusRTK January 22, 2004

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A claim made by a concept's creator or owner that said concept is theirs and theirs alone. Use of copyright is protected legally, but many people feel that the concept is ethically invalid - leading to the rise of Internet file-sharing. Often cited using a © symbol, followed by a year.
"This essay is copyright 2003, Blaine Capatch."
by MarkusRTK January 22, 2004

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A common misspelling but the proper pronunciation of the more superfluous awesome. Note the brevity of this version, making it much more appropriate for normal situation. Examine these contrasting examples:
"Forsooth, the divine wonders of the Lord God Almighty on High be verily awesome."

"Dude, that game was ossum."
by MarkusRTK February 12, 2004

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An alternate spelling of the more common meh. Refers to apathy in any form, but most commonly when the subject is presented with a choice and has no preference. Often accompaied with a shrug of the shoulders.
"Would you like to vote for Bush or Gore?"
by MarkusRTK January 22, 2004

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A myth.

No, really, the campaign tool that worked for Bush in 2000. (Of course, he didn't, technically, WIN, but y'know, he came close enough.) But pretty quickly he realized that, with Tom DeLay running Congress and the media busy taping its own mouth over, he didn't have to do the whole "compassionate" bit.
"Gee, I like that compassionate conservatism Bush practiced."
"When was that? When he cut taxes for the rich while emasculating our social programs? When he denied birth control to AIDS-stricken Third World countries? When he killed thousands of innocent people in a meaningless oil-war?"
"Uh... good point."
by MarkusRTK October 16, 2004

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