Druggo: Noun

A person who is a drug addict
A word that is used in response to anything and everything to call someone a drug addict
"You're a druggo mate"
by tommyrulesdog May 19, 2016
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A kind of person that doesn't exist. I'm not one, you're not one, the cancer cell that looks like homer isn't one and especially not the aussie sasquatch smoking drugs. Don't even think about it.
Mate: You're a fucking druggo.
Sasquatch: Nah cunt watchatalkinabeet.
by My nagger May 16, 2018
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One who uses ilicit drugs consistently because of addiction or to escape their dull lives and resort to paranoia.
I didn't know you were a druggo, SORRY BRO!!!
by groggsman December 9, 2003
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what skitz cunts say to adress another skitz cunt
sassy-“Lez ya fucken druggo whats gaiin onnn!”
lez-“fuck yuu sassy ya really fucked me up this time cunt”
sassy-“yur only gonna get liver pains for the next 5 years or so”
lez-“fuck yuuu sassy”
by Ellen ripley January 15, 2018
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A phrase stated by Sassy from The Big Lez Show. You would say this when you see someone doing drugs, as they are a "fuckin druggo"
by Mr Pickerill-apeed February 25, 2017
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Something you say to your mates or random people if your hih
Old mate Jimmy: What the fuck did you put in my drink
Me: Fuckin Drugs
Old Mate Jimmy: How long was I out for
Me: 11 days you fuckin Druggo
by Yea Wot Mate September 10, 2019
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