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Harrisism is a servere form of negativeness. You see everything as bad and have no hope in life and can never be bothered to do anything.

People who have Harrisism will more than likely moan about everythingm including work conditions, tiredness, boredem & girlfriends. They will also arrange to do things, they will sound excited about this arrangement of events, however on the day of the event they will pull out and not go due to them being tired or just can't be assed.

99% of people who have found to Harrismism are of an ethnic race, or for all you racists out there.......Black, Nigger, Nig Nog or Gollywog.
Example 1

Person A(Nigger): "Work is so shit, I fucking hate it here. I just wanna go home and sleep!"

Person B: "Well if you think your job is so shit why don't you get off your lazy black ass and get a new one!"

Person A(Nigger): "i can't be assed. Oh and not many places hire niggers so theres no point in applying."

Person B: "Yo Nigger, you got such a bad case of Harrisism you make fucking Sick! Get your Visa and fuck off out the country, I'm calling Immagration!"
by Steve Smith of London January 07, 2008
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A popular real life mini-series following the life of a Harrisism sufferer. It depicts the everyday challenges a Harrisism sufferer has to go through. How they struggle to get out of the bed in the morning, stay loyal to plans with friends, hook up with females and even breathe.
Person 1: Have you seen that new hit show Harrisism?

Person 2: Yes I have, it is epic. What a terrible disease. Is there a cure?

Person 1: No there is not. They have to suffer like that for the rest of their lives.

Person 2: That's too bad, no wonder 75% of Harrisism sufferers die virgins.
by Benjamino Harrisino June 01, 2010
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