When someone is harassing you in a sexual manner, for example, snapping your bra strap, making comments about your body, cajoles you, rubs up against you, etc'.
If someone is giving you unwanted sexual attention, that is Sexual Harassment.
by FeministChik July 7, 2009
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Actually, asking someone out from a workplace and school is considered sexual harassment. Read the Everyday sexism blog, full of women talking about men they've know for a while asking them out. Simply asking someone out is now sexual harassment. Clubs and bars are also notorious places where women do not want to be accosted because that counts as sexual harassment as well, so you're left with dating websites (which have a spectacularly low rate of success) and family/friends. Family and friends don't work so well if you come from a small family or if your friends are mostly of the same gender (I'm talking about hetero relationships). So, how do you make more female friends? Go out and talk to more women, but that is "super creepy and threatening". Did he say he wanted rape them or give any indication as to that, or did he threaten them in anyway? So why is the automatic assumption a fear of this person when the men in your personal life are more likely to murder you, rape you and steal from you?

--There is no other way to describe this fear other than irrational. Sexual harassment is Sexual Harassment only when it is a man doing it to a woman when a woman does it, it is often considered to be "cute" or being "affectionate".
Man: Hello.
Woman: Sexual Harassment.
Man: But...
Woman: I will freaking ruin your life, see you in court tomorrow.
by Mr. Egalitarian February 13, 2017
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Illegal Flirting. Annoying somebody in such a way that reminds them that sex exist. Sexual Harassment cases are often used as a tool to harm politicians or to make millions for individuals (and their lawyers) through lawsuits.
Since everybody has flirted with somebody at some point in their life, this charge can be brought against just about anybody. This "crime" is often put on the same level as rape.
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The war whine of little girls who have spent all their lives maintaining that they can play with the boys, but later learn that they can't.
If you don't get the promotion you want, just file a sexual harassment suit!
by Etymoligizer September 21, 2007
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When your trying to have intercourse with a special lady friend and some guy comes up behind you and tickles your balls.
by sabrina partiess January 18, 2007
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The office politics term for a part of the human courtship behaviour. An act of flirtation usually on behalf of the receptive partner, a precursor to a consenting sexual relationship.
In my career (I am an office manager) I have had to deal with twelve cases of sexual harassment and have heard of many more from my peers - this definition is based on a 100% record.
by yaoigirlproxy January 25, 2005
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