adj., a person or an object that is very awkward or unusual in their current state or environment; a state of existence in which a person seems incapable of blending in conspicuously or acting in such a way so as to appear normal; existing in a perpetual state of being "lame"
Joe: "Jonny you're so barr!"
Jonny: "Is it that obvious?"

Joe and Jonny's friend, Andy, walks up...
inaudible noise made by Andy as he approaches "...barr, barr, barr, barr..."

Andy: "Hey guys..."
by JonnySG May 21, 2008
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A slang term for a gay person
Huh! So your a barr? That's cool
by JoeTheRoe January 22, 2021
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To completely fuck up a scenario.
Man, he really Barr'd that one up.
by Lolgotchatwice February 13, 2014
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Someone tells you that Pluto is not a planet. BARR?!
by BARR?! September 20, 2009
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A word commonly used to excert confusion on a pedestrian or even a fellow driver.
I barr'd fifteen people on my way home, they were like, "did he just say barr?"
by hwtmg October 5, 2009
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particular type of cough syrup & big moes favorite usually associated with the city of houston, texas
random person: big moe what u drinkin tonight?
big moe: mannn baby im trippin on that barre
by orange texas August 4, 2003
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slang in houston texas for cough syrup containing promethazine codeine ect.
i got a cup full of barre and im leanin'
by lisa marie m August 4, 2007
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