Harris is the type of guy that is smart in math but in other subjects, he not as well. People mostly judge this guy for his hair but when you get to know him he's funny with some jokes, he does not smile very often and make sure everything is done in a fashionable order before playing. Once you get to know a Harris don't let them go because they care for you in ways you don't understand.
Wow, that guy is such a Harris.
by The man whom never speaks April 16, 2019
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someone who is dead on, fast, athletic, smart, knows haikus like the back of his or her hand, and has a huge penis or big boobs!
Look at that harris running down the court like an animal!

The harris that i slept with was so good!

That harris sure knows haikus!
by ZajaFresh September 4, 2011
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a dried preparation of the flowering tops or other parts of the cannabis plant used as a psychotropic drug.
Is your mate Harris coming to the party?

He decided on Amsterdam for his stag weekend so Harris would be welcome.
by Sativan July 19, 2014
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It's actually Rhyming Slang for Rhyming Slang.
The correct rhyming slang for "Arse" is "Bottle & Glass"
but once people knew this the term couldn't really be used anymore without offending people. That prompted people to use the slang for "Bottle", which is "Aris-totle" as a slang for the first insult. "Aristotle" became "Aris" which in a London accent sounds the same as "Harris"

This has been in common London usage for well over a hundred years in it's current form.
"Do you wanna work overtime Dave?"

"Nah, stick it up yer Harris unless you're gonna offer time and a half"
by Dougal474 October 26, 2006
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harris is mean mean person he can destroy your day just by walking in the same room as you, he can make you feel like shit he will call a beautiful skinny girl ugly and fat if your friends with anyone called harris and hes nice to you than your lucky
any beautiful person just walking somewhere
harris: what you doing you ugly fat whale
you: leave me alone
harris: make me you fat whale

you leaving upset
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a big, cheesy, sweaty, fat, gay teen. The kinda guy who sits in class eating and staring at people while shoving a hotdog down his throat
guy1: who's that fat guy?

guy2: oh him, that's Harris

guy1: oh, i understand now
by morgz mum February 16, 2019
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A harrie is a person who is a fan/stan of the singer and actor Harry Styles. They are a very dedicated and loving fan group. Harries often fight for they lives on twitter to defend Harry Styles.
They’re wearing the crocheted cardigan with a pearl necklace, they’re probably a harrie!
by kiwiwatermelons April 19, 2021
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