1)A pathetic excuse for something to do in a moshpit. Usually preformed by kids that are under a hundred pounds and have never seen protein in their life. Instead of running around in a crazy pit with people laying each other out we have dwindled down to a few kids (usually about 10 or 15) that take up the enitre floor punching air. They are "hardcore" bc they can ruin shows and completely take the fun out of moshing. These people should be destroyed and banned from all concerts for their retarded version of what a nurtured society has deemed worthy of being in a pit.

2) A person who gets knocked the hell out if a see them doing it.
Jason: "hey josh, you see those idiots hardcore dancing in the pit?"

Josh: "yea let's go trash those douches."
by Roflwagoneer October 14, 2008
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fighting with the invisible ninjas all around you. This is done to bands such as terror, e-town concrete, unearth, and bands that yell a lot.
jeez, i went to the e-town concrete show last night, and i got kicked in the stomach by a skinny kid wearing girl pants, and a red bandanna like a cowboy, and a army hat, and a shirt way too small for him. I then went into the pit, hardcore danced for a bit, then simply punched him in the face and walked out.

point proven? hardcore dancing is fun until you get hurt.
by ad a dlgmut April 28, 2006
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hardcore dancing is done at hardcore or metalcore shows. A very fast and energetic type of dance, that has many varients.
2-step-when you flail your arms and put one foot in front of the other, usually done not moving
windmill-when you plant your feet and swing your arms fast during a breakdown
spin kick- very fast spin of the body where you shoot your leg out after the first 180
some people on the outside of the pit like to lean in and do one armed windmills/
damn those kids are hXc as hell
look at those kids hardcore dancing thye must be sXe
by pissed off sXe kid September 28, 2006
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being gay at a show.
the hardcore kid tried to hardcore dance in the middle of the pit and got his head knocked in by a 40 year old, truck driving, Slayer fan.
by markus August 06, 2004
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What stupid emo/scene kids think is moshing. They spin-kick and fight the air. They don't actually fight, to even touch someone else in one of their perverted mockeries of a mosh pit is frowned upon. It's really annoying when you're moshing at a great show, and some stupid emo runs into the middle of the pit and starts "hardcore dancing." It's an embarrassment, it really is.
Stupid kid hardcore dancing: WHOO, YEAH! I LOVE MOSHING!
Kid skanking to the side: You wouldn't know what moshing is if you were thrown in a pit and caught in the middle of a Wall of Doom.
by DJ Loomis February 14, 2010
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Hardcore dancing is dancing for people who don't have the balls to mosh.
OH EM GEE! I almost hurt my hand punching at the ground, but i still love hardcore dancing!
by GoHomeandDie August 26, 2007
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The dumbest thing to do at a show. a Bunch of emo and hardcore scene fucks do moves and tricks they learn from there karate class when they were 7 years old. A good site to laugh at.
HAHA look at those dumbfucks hardcore dnacing, getting there ass kicked by the skinheads in the pit.
by mike November 14, 2004
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