A way of hardcore dancing by looking weird and spiing in the air and landing on a kick.
Whoa look he's having an attack

Nahh foo he's doin a spin kick

Wtf?? I cud of sworn it looked my he was getting screwed up the booty.
by :] yaya October 12, 2008
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English name of one of Chun-Li's 'special attacks' (a character from the videogame Street Fighter).

Basically she does a handstand, does the splits upside down, and spins like helicopter blades from one side of the game screen to the other in midair close to the ground. If the opponent is in the way and not blocking, they get hit several times and suffer damage!

In another game, Capcom gave her a similar move that caused her to rise up in the air at an angle as she spun around to stop midair attacks by opponents.

P.S. In one of the later games in the Street Fighter franchise, Capcom gave her a kick-based 'Raging Demon' attack (see Akuma) that looks cool on the screen (like a ukyo-e drawing) but I don't know what it's called in Japanese (or English).
In one match, Chun-Li clobbered Ryu with her spinning bird kick and got him dizzy.
by UDbrowser June 17, 2007
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It's when an immigrant runs up to you and does the following:

Immigrant: "HIYA!"
You: "What the fuck?"
(Immigrant does a spin kick while at the same time, licking your eyes.)
You have just had the Super Deluxe Immigrant Spin Kick Eye Lick performed on you.
What a nimble bastard.
by Zmanl0p4 August 11, 2004
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