Dude 1: I'm gonna go 1 up that cunt at the next football match
Dude 2: Oh yeah? Well I'm gonna 3 up him!
Dude 1: fuck u jerry
by Karen the kid abducter August 08, 2019
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A woman that is so beautiful that she causes men around her to achieve an erection by looking at her. (derived from the term "three appendages up.")
Man, check out that 3-up there. She's one hottie!
by quamp July 21, 2003
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on a scale of one to ten, a woman who actually would rate a three presenting superficially as if she were a nine.
"Well you can say what you like
Be what you wanna be
You can suit yourself, baby
But you don't suit me

You're just a 3 dressed up as a 9,
you're only wasting my time."

by Figleaf23 August 09, 2007
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ate up, word used in us military as a to say that and indvidual is not to standard or is really mess up.
"hay guy, 11 up 3 down!"
"man, this shit is 11 up 3 down"
by phillip ludlow February 01, 2008
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When your girl wakes you up from a deep sleep by grinding her pussy on your thigh and hip. This results in almost instant rigidity and you roll over and give her the smashing she's aching for.
You look tired braaaaahh. Feel ok?
Feel great broohhhh. Just the lingering effects of a 3 a.m. Wake Up Call.
by Eaton Holgoode November 17, 2015
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