To mosh: A way of expressing yourself at an mental rock/punk concert. Almost always done in a "pit" with extremely cool people who you don't even know but they'll look out for you! You get pushed around, shoved, you fall on your ass but it's all in the spirit and you have a f*ckin great time!!!
A concert isn't a concert without getting in a pit!!!
by Rock Chick November 28, 2004
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A style of violent dancing that was first done in The American Hardcore Punk scene. The word itself originated from the Bad Brains song I Against I. The lyrics were "Mash it up..." but because they were Rastafarian it sounded like mosh. it was often spelled Mash but pronounced Mosh until later on.
watch Minor Threat, Black Flag and Bad Brains for some early moshing vids
by Punk Philosophy January 14, 2008
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Adj: To describe an emotional, or triumphant occurance in ones life.

Noun: Someone who exhibits being a great man/woman, or a J-crew member (ie: J-parks, T-lockwood, Drew Halpern)

Verb:Using car markers to write obscenitites, and draw obscene pictures on cars of a friend, and or a d-bag
Adj: When Drew Halpern called out Joe mont.. that was sooo MOSH!

-The snake around your neck is soooo moshhh!!.

Noun: J-parks here.. just wanted to say I'm mosh.

Verb: Yo, we Moshed up his car so badddd.
by Moshman12 August 20, 2010
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The Ebonics/Jamaican way to exaggerate and say messed up or broken.
Yo life is so mosh right now its not even funny

Tyler: yo did u hear about Amy and Drew, I heard there relationship is MOSH!!!

Sarah: Say word
by >N@T3< March 06, 2010
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A group of people pushing each other around, punching and shoving for no apparent reason. Often done at heavy metal concerts.
Moshing is fun. \m/ \m/
by matt November 13, 2004
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A "March Up", often used in ye olde England in a sentence "March Up The Town" ...meaning to either protest en masse against the political system, or, later to engage in hooliganism of many appropriated and Patois-ized into "MASH up de town" by the Caribbean blacks who were emigrating and traveling back and forth to the UK, and that's how "gon' mash up de town" got into the lexicon of reggae/ska lyrics...and they pretty much used it in the same way, protest, gang action, general going out en masse with a posse to effect some sort of group "excitement" (Brixton, Islington, etc) which might also include some dancing...the proto punks of the UK as we already know (like the Clash etc.) were huge fans of reggae and ska, and appropriated it in it's shortened form "mash", in some cases maintaining it's meaning of political or social protest, but that bled over into the new mass-dancing and energy of the punk-rock movement.. but the English meets Cockney meets West Indian meets Jamaican accent certainly sounds way more like "mosh", and that's the way the Cali and NY punk kids in their respective language-challenged ears heard and re-appropriated it for further redefining as a way to describe THEIR en-masse energetic actions, specifically, in the Pit (remember when it used to be SLAM DANCING? I didn't think so). But in doing so, historically-revised it into something never or rarely thought of as BLACK in origin (indeed, I bet most of the denizens of the world of the modern American MOSH PIT would be loathe to incorporate little if any Africanism into their mostly white pursuit)... especially white-supremacist Skinhead types, though they might, in their ass-backwards way of "white-i-fying" everything, hearken back to the days of yore and say that the blacks who came to England were the one's who really modified it's original meaning. I wonder if in their urge to be ultra-correct, in a WHITE way, would start calling a Mosh pit a MARCH PIT! Unfortunately, most interesting slang that has been kicking around and morphing for centuries, comes to a sudden and boring, dumb-ass demise at the hands of young, white Americans.
"We's gonna march up the town, TOMMY"

"Mi g'wan mash up de town wit me mon WINSTON"

"'s a mash up...oi!"

"isn't that JASON in the mosh pit?"
by jesco June 23, 2006
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moshing is usually done at metal concerts but moshing in punk concerts there is not as many dicks
metal head; i went to a cannibal corpse/ slayer concert last night and i almost died. punk listener; i went to a bar last night and watched greenday and me and my buddies moshed to songs like minority, and take back- it was narly
by 54721 June 17, 2005
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