#1: Dude, I lost my job, my girlfriend and my car all in the same day.

#2: You're hapless, motherfucker.

#1: I know, I know.
by Clorox eater December 15, 2009
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Best Forward AssualtWaller.
Hapless walls everyone he is the best waller
by Hapless666 January 31, 2022
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a term used to describe someone who knows absolutely nothing about technology and/or electronics, as used in Hackers (1995) and can obviously be used as a kidding term or an insult.
From Hackers (1995):
Computer Goon: Mr The Plague, something weird is happening on the net.
The Plague: As in what, you hapless technoweenie?
Computer Goon: One of the Gibsons is working really hard.
by Landon783 January 4, 2014
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A man that overthinks relationships to over exaggerated proportions and doesn't realize the relationship is over.
Did you what Sean did?

Nah man, what did he do this time?

He planned his proposal to Julie to the T!

Dude they broke up 6 month's ago.

I know, he's such a hapless romantic.
by I'm that guy 1234 February 28, 2015
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Thought of of the longest most stupid word(thats isnt welsh)in the world. in short term it is a joining word such as "and" used by the han-solos of the 14th century but phased out due to the inconvience of not only its length or difficult pronounciation but for its abilty to make theatre plays such as the well known "help my mother was killed by a excessivly large vagina from verginia" much much longer as actors had to spend many extra seconds saying it, instead of "and".
" Oh my god!!! That Excess of vagina from verginia has killed my mother man-difo-hing- gunkadunk-jeer-hapless-nan-titifisoo- -canji-galalaloy (and) Dishonerd the family name. You basterd vagina, You basterd." extract from the Play "help my mother was killed by a excessivly large vagina from verginia"
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Best curry slayer in a game called Forward Assualt He walls people without peeking them.
Hapless is the best waller.
by Hapless999 February 1, 2022
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