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What you say to a friend when something bad happened to them.

Pronounced 'ah-lug-ey' in a sluggish, slow voice to give retarded effect.
'Oh no my whole family just got shot' - person

'Unlucky' - you
by Alex Blackburn January 21, 2004
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Unlucky, unfortunate. Pronounced. "UN-LUUUUCK-AAAAY!"
Friend 1: Oh no. It appears I have been robbed.
Friend 2: UNLUCKY!!!
by claire bridgwells May 01, 2005
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Term used by Australian university students, in a way of saying, "Oh dear, that's no good". It's also kind of like the expression, "Shit eh?"
Bobby: I failled the exam and then I tripped down the stairs.
Fran: Unlucky.
by Jane Wellington January 05, 2004
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When anything even remotely bad ever happens to anyone.
Dang the wheat port is on the other side of the board, unlucky him.

My mom died, unlucky.
by Goat definitions7777 July 22, 2017
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Mimms made it up and it’s her word no one else’s just hers
Unlucky brother
by Hdgdhbc August 15, 2019
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a crip sect in east oakland starting in killing feilds often assocated with the black panthers and puri street crips they are none as a gang not for vilonce but for trade because they are often seen in the middle of drug trafficing members of the unluclky refer to each other as number instaed of name and often right there number on there flag the number can assoctiate with rank amoung ones sect or years in the group odd numbers are considerd more special than even ones and they often have nick names given to those with odd numbers from aound the sounthern and northern US there flags are blue and black they are located in california gerioga alabama louissiuana washington newyork and mexico many of them no how to crip walk and the term unlucky comes from United Non Lucrative unbalacnced crip kings of the yay they often during battels with other gangs c-walk to celebrate victory
unlucky leader: state ur name and push
unlucky underling: unlucky 13 also known as friday of oakland cali my push is yola and purp
by unlucky11 December 05, 2007
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a word used when somebody does something utterly retarded. ie. not a case of being unlucky, just being shite. Often used in sport matches.
(Ben misses goal by a lot)

Josh: unlucky
by what_a_noob February 25, 2011
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