Verb. The word originated from farmers who used the term to describe the pigs "wallering" in the mud or their own shit. Today it describes someone who is lying around lazily, doing nothing. When a person is completely worn out or hung over, they "waller" in bed or on the couch. To be slow, heavy, sleepy and/or unmotivated. Often occurs on the day following alcohol or substance abuse. May also be the result of over extending oneself during the workweek. All they can do is "waller" because they are too brain dead to do anything else.
I'll be "wallering" all day, recuperating from that rave last night.

I tend to "waller" on the weekend's, watching cartoons and pigging out.

He "wallered" in his own filth until his neighbors called the authorities because of the stench.
by pinkapples December 27, 2008
To hollow out or make a hole larger.
Once there's a little play around the bearing, continued use will waller the hole out.
by Davis Co August 29, 2005
A: Man that guy has got wall hacks!
B: yeah hes a total waller.
to be pummeled; only for use in west virginia!
kerie got wallered after a drunken fight
by kay tay numba 1 August 19, 2005
Person 1: How did you get that to fit?

Person 2: I just wallered it out!
by Klber3 July 5, 2009
To roll about enthusiatically in or lay upon an undesirable substance. Usually associated with lazy and undesirable connotations. Has origins in Indiana
Frodo likes to waller in wild ass bushes
by Cassezzy January 21, 2006
To lay on top of and tease one's sweetheart/partner in a possibly sexually suggestive manner. To get comfortable or cuddle up with one's partner. To show affection in a teasing physical manner.
I like to waller on my boyfriend while he is watching TV on the couch.

I will stop wallering on you since you are trying to work.
by dramamask February 6, 2010