A way to describe something awesome or cool. This word is called such as a tribute to Tom Hanks and his coolness.
Dude, that car was hanks!

The movie was pretty hanks, huh? Yeah...
by w3bd3s1gn3r November 03, 2008
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A measurement of beef, weighing about two and a half pounds.
Maria: What's your name?
Hank: Hank.
Maria: Like a hank of beef?

Customer: I'd like some roast beef?
Butcher: How many hanks?
Customer: Well, I'm going to have three people for dinner, think one hank will be enough?
Butcher: I'd get two hanks to be safe, or at least one and a half hanks
by telyourmomhi July 13, 2009
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Person who catches many fish, consumes in moderation, adorred by women, tells great stories of his adventures, one step ahead of johnny law and jealous husbands.
I wish I was alot more like Hank.
by Hank January 20, 2005
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A guy who can be a dick sometimes but is actually secretly sweet. He will be the cockiest guy around his guy friends but as soon as you and him are the only ones talking he will transform into the best guy ever. He makes a fantastic best friend and all the girls can't resist him. His alabaster skin and ginger hair make him unresistable. The greatest guy you will ever meet.
Girl #1: "That ginger over there is such an ass. I wonder if he's like that all the time."
Girl#2: "Who? Hank? He is the sweetest guy ever! You just got to warm up to him is all."
Girl#3: "Omg, I know. I thought he was so weird and now he's my bffl!"
Girl#2: "Oh well, got to go. See you next Tuesday!"
by tsuu December 01, 2013
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very cool guy!!! he’s 6’1 with brown hair, loves grand theft auto, and is very funny. he’s a great listener and is very loyal. only downside is his atom.
mia khalifa: omg u know hank?

lana rhoades: yesss gurl i love him he’s good at listening.

vivian blush: yep!! fax y’all!
by hermandochavez2001 November 30, 2020
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A slang term for Captain Morgan, whose full name was Henry Morgan, Hank is sometimes a nickname for Henry, best used when you are trying to be discrete about what you are drinking.
Without Slang:

" Hey man i got some Captain Morgan, you wanna drink tonight?"

"Dude what the fuck, my parents are in the other room!"

With Slang:

"Man I got me some Hank tonight so its gonna be hella fun"

"Boy, for real tonights gonna be jumping, I'm a be Hankin' all night"
by BSaari June 21, 2009
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