Asshole cops who pull people over and give tickets for the dumbest things. Often found on UConn campus...
"A ticket? Fucking johnny law!"
by kdrrrgs February 10, 2009
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Johhny Walker's law occurs when, in an Internet argument, an interlocutor posts an arguement so stupid he winds up pwning himself.

Named for a brand of Scotch which the man who inspired the law was fooled into sending to a fake person for fake information, thereby destroying his chances of ever being taken seriously again.
1. Iain Hall: "John, the facts of the matter are that for all of the Warminista posturing the Australian people are not convinced, check out the two polls that each show more than 70% of the respondents are “unbelievers”."

John: Surname "It’s the idiotic right at work - Iain chooses apparent public consensus on two News Ltd webpolls (which can in no way be rigged by Andrew Bolt and co.), over the scienetific consensus. Why do I get the feeling he just lost that argument on his own? I name this Johnny Walker's law."

2. Iain Hall: "I am not claiming that the Polls are in any way definitive but they are consistent with straw polls that I have conducted myself amongst friends and acquaintances, basically most people do not believe the AGW hypothesis, or they feel that the problem is exaggerated by true believers like yourself."

Sammy Jankin: "Another great example of Johnny Walker’s law in action. “Sure, those polls don’t really mean anything. But I asked my mates, and they don’t believe in AGW, and my mates are a suitable subset of the population from which to draw statistical inferences.”"
by W.A Stalker July 18, 2009
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