If two people having sex is a twosome
three people, a threesome,
four people, a foursome...

To be handsome is to be lonely.
person 1: do you ever see David with a girl?
person 2: no, he's so handsome
by troughable November 15, 2011
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Good looking

What your momma or grandma calls you to not only boost their own ego, but to put you on a pedestal

What a girl would call you if she genuinely thinks you are good looking, but she sees you more as a buddy, friend, or even worse her Best Friend!
Lesbians will call very good looking guys this because they have nothing to lose complimenting because they aren’t interested in men.

Now If you are a woman... well they could just mean that you are beautiful (If the compliment was given by an older individual)
Orrr you have a masculine face with a manly jawline... Oof
Melvin: I’m sooo ugly

Molly: You are handsome... shut up best friend!

Also molly: Hey Melvin who’s your friend Brad... he’s sooo hot!

Melvin: Then what am I!?
Molly: Handsome.

Melvin: ..........
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by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 26, 2019
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Jon. Handsome, attractive, charming, hott, sexy, wonderful!
Jon is handsome, attractive, charming, hott, sexy, and wonderful! I love him!
by ASS April 19, 2005
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this is the word that describes BTS members
"v is so HANDSOME"
by ranz kyle June 21, 2018
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Handsome can mean someone who uses their hand to pleasure themselves this was created due to the terms threesome and foursome being similar to handsome
Lol that guys so handsome.
I know sad virgins these days.
by Weridoonyt;) June 02, 2021
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