1.the best hamster in the world, or the cute little orange ham-ham.2.an animi t.v programme for all ages.
ticky-ticky kush-kush
by sam November 19, 2003
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When your little "hamster" has BIG adventures...
What up dawg? Did you hamtaro last night with yo' girl?
by Ostrich December 19, 2003
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Anime show most beloved by soccer moms and little kids.
My three-year old cousin likes to watch hamtaro.
by Shawn B. April 04, 2003
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A japanese anime about a hamster, named Hamtaro, and how he hangs around a bunch of other hamsters, all with different personalities, and how they......well, what DO THEY DO? Do they experience life? Do they hang around doing shit about shit? WHAT!?
"Hamtaro is an ok show though. You really could do worse. Wanna watch Pokemon instead?!"
by Dave April 01, 2004
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A devil hamster that wants to take over the world with happiness.
"Im Hamtaro!!I'm going to kill you!Burnnnnn!"
by Slater February 12, 2005
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1.A dumbass show meant for obese, greasy furries, fugly dickhead preteen girls, and unemployed, 30-year old, basement dwellers that fap to lolicon.

2. What perverted wapanese see above dress up as when they go to their furry conventions.

Fuctard wapanese: I LUVS TEH HAMTARO LOL!!!11111!!!!

A normal person: Why the hell do you even like that show?

Fuckard wapanese: WTFF!!!!!!CUZ IM A PRTEEN!!!

A normal person: Seriously, you, sir or ma'am, need to stop watching and relating to fictional characters to try to escape out of the reality of your situation. Sir, get a life.


A normal person: Sir, just because we don't like the same TV shows as you doesn't make us racists. You're just being retarded now.

See Die-hard Hamtaro Fan's definition for a view of what Hamtaro fans say about Hamtaro.
by Mr. Smithers April 24, 2008
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A show where hamsters going around solving really retarded problems and a girl named "laura" (who owns hamtaro) goes on really dumb "puppy" love scenarios.
Hamtaro should die!
by Machine-Gunner September 13, 2003
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