A very tasty food which consists of beef, hamburger buns, and a wide variety of toppings incuding, but not limited to: Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles, BBQ, Bacon, Lettuce, Onion. The best hamburgers can be found at bars or are homeade.

You can find fake, nasty hamburgers at many fast food places.
Burger King...more like King of fake burgers! Bob's Bar in the small town of Smallville has the states best hamburgers!
by Meijer's! September 20, 2005
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(n.) a recently-given hickey; coined for its distinct raw, meaty look.
Guy 1- "Nice hamburger, broseph."
Guy 2- "Yeah. She was real hongry!"
by Da Sperminator January 23, 2011
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The act of placing one's meat in-between two buns.

In other words, to give someone an anal.
That girl's ass was hu-to-the-mongous, so I hamburgered that bitch.
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by Living Ass January 30, 2019
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