the sparse hair that protrudes out of an open neck shirt. most commonly found on a Doug Johnson.
Dude 1: " Dude! Look at that guys hamburger!"
Dude 2: "Must be a Doug Johnson!"
Dude 3: "I wish I was a Doug Johnson!"
by Kyle and Heather April 24, 2010
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Two men fucking a cow at the same time
Johnny and Gave went to give Betsy a Good hamburger
by Chucky November 30, 2016
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hamburgers:here's a example: when you hear a fat person on the phone you say "well it sounds like your chewing on a hamburger to me". its lame but ion care.
by Ashamack October 27, 2010
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When a man wraps his dick around his testicles and makes it appears for the shape of a Hamburger.
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
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A slang term for a member of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. This term may sometimes be extended to other people that fought against the United States Marines in the Vietnam War.
Carlos Hathcock once killed 7 hamburgers at one time.
by watchoutforcharlie November 20, 2009
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a type of wang oragami where the wang is
folded to resemble a hamburger
by noss February 12, 2004
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A word to use when you don't want to curse.
"Hamburger, look at all you"

"When making love to your woman you say hamburger"
by hitmancoolio August 26, 2008
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